3️⃣Current Roadmap

May 2024 - Ongoing

A new Incentives Mechanism has been designed that aims to be both sustainable and rewarding to $BASE long term holders. This will be launched alongside the New Concentrated Liquidity solution to kickstart the new V3 farms.

βœ”οΈ New Concentrated Liquidity Solution

The Algebra integration has shown how efficient and beneficial CL is to SwapBased. The SwapBased team believes there’s still improvements to be made though. We’ll be bringing a more intuitive, customizable and more efficient solution for concentrated liquidity providers.

Smart Order Router

An upgrade to our Swaps section will be made by integrating multiple liquidity sources instead of just SwapBased. Allowing users to swap with any asset for any other one and get the best possible rate.

Long Term

Limit Orders

"Choose your assets, choose your price." The goal with our Swaps section is accomodating all our users needs and this is the final upgrade, for now, to the Swaps tab.

Casino Launch

Currently the BitBets Casino, by SwapBased, is in beta to observe the interest from the community. You can check all the casino features we're working on for the launch in the BitBets tab on the Docs. SwapBased feels like there's still big improvements to be made in the way the casino works and it's games, that's why this is flagged as a long term plan, where we'll try to work with the top game providers to bring the best possible experience to our users. When fully ready with growing marketing, interest and traction from the community this is a feature that could really separate SwapBased from the competition with all the possibilities it offers.

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